How to spot Scammers on online dating sites?

How to spot Scammers on internet dating sites?
Warning Signs

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•    They will usually request you to contact them by email they have important things to discuss along with you
•    They will claim they don’t often occur this site,
•    They will claim the website is not safe for the children,
•    They will claim they suddenly picked desire for your profile,
•    They will promise that they’ll send more of their photos for you,
•    They will suddenly will address you as dear, love, etc.
•    They often claim either they are single, have never been married, they don’t value distance, or they could claim they are widow or widower often which has a child or children.
•    They often declare that they lost their parent or guardian who had left a vast fortune or inheritance on their behalf that runs into Millions of Dollars and they require your help withdraw the money from other bank and you are promised some percentage of the money.
•    They can create emergencies which ask you to send money in their mind
•    Under no circumstances in the event you give, send or lend any money, cash, Western Union payments, Money Gram, Gold, or any other valuables to any an affiliate the site.

•    If, for any reason, you think an account of being a scammer, report it immediately while using ‘Report User’ link on the profile page and cease all contact with that person.

Spotting Scammers
So that you can effectively spot a scammer, you will have to carry out a combination of the subsequent tests. These are for guidance only instead of exhaustive and cannot usually be relied upon. Trust your instinct greater, if in doubt, cease all communication with all the individual and report them immediately.

•    Profile picture – Right click their photo, click search on Google, already reported stolen pictures is often found here. Oftentimes, there is a same photo used under different names and aliases and whose photo was being abused.
•    Email – Google their email, would likely return results
•    Location – Often claimed vehicle in a location outside their place or birth
•    Photos – Sporting photos of white people and therefore are based in Accra, Ghana or other West African countries. Bear in mind that scam artists might be operating from any country nevertheless the risk is greater in African countries.
•    Communication – they ask you to contact them by email beyond our site, asking for financial aid, they avoiding direct answer to your questions, they suddenly go offline, they often times lack good grammar, they give out generic scam email, etc.
•    Ask for video chat
•    Ask these phones send varied pictures with certain instructions

Reporting Scam, How to?
Sensed it? Report it! Simple as ABC. We’ve convey a number of measures available making it easier to report any abuse in our site to us immediately. You can use the Flag icon in comments to flag any inappropriate conversation, utilize “Report Profile” link found on a User’s profile, create a support ticket by going to your MY ACCOUNT > SUPPORT.

Best places to Report Scam?
First report back to us and your local police authorities.

Useful resources:
UK – Action Fraud
UK – Local Police Authorities
US – Internet Crime Complaint Centre
Australia – Online Reporting System for Advance Fee Fraud
Canada – Reporting Economic Crime Online

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